Why do my friends dig themselves out? I am sure no one could have dug them out.

Your friends dig themselves out and get their brains back automatically in 6 hours, or at the moment you start the game if more than 6 hours have passed. So, for example, if you make your cooks prepare 3 white paints, leave the game and start it not earlier than in 8 hours and 30 minutes ? 3 paints will be ready, but your friends will be dug out ;)

Can I restart the game?

No, it's impossible.

I've prepared Zombium. What can I do with it?

Congratulations! Well done! You are getting closer to the ritual "Become Human".

While digging there appeared a picture of zombie head (white snow with a question mark). What was it?

It means that a picture of a collection item, scrap metal or an additional spade, hasn't loaded. The item itself goes safely to the storage.

I am fed up with notifications for sending a free gift. How can I turn it off?

You need to have no less than 50 friends for this. While entering through the gift box in the top, left- hand corner click "turn off notifications "(you have to do it every time). While giving a gift in return a notification never comes, while sending it through a friend icon at the bottom of the screen a notification cannot be turned off.

Can I give zombucks to a friend?


Can I get zombucks for coins?

No. Zombucks ? game currency. You can buy it or get it by leveling up (1 zombucks per level).

I've found a bug! It's written that 5/5 brains are used, but actually only 4 zombies are working. Where is a loafer?

The fifth one is a chief zombie (the one you control), who collects everything.

How many brains does a pair of woodcutters (stonecutters) need and how fast do they work?

Every pair of workers needs 2 brains. A pair of woodcutters collects 12 bundles of wood in an hour, 2 single woodcutters collect only 8 bundles for the same time.

How to clear cook's baskets from chosen recipes?

Cook it or click on cooks and choose "cancel". Ingredients for cooking will be taken from the basket to the storage.

Why there are no prepared dishes at the storage? Why aren't cooks working? Why aren't cooks' baskets getting empty?

To prepare a dish you need to choose a recipe, put it in the basket, dig cooks out of the graves, clicking "work" on the grave. A prepared dish will appear in a barrel at the left side of the grave. You have to take it from there.

Cooks will not work, if there are 3 barrels with prepared dishes on the grave. The baskets aren't getting empty because the cooks are not working.

How can I get more than 5 brains?

On levels 20 and 40 you will be able to bury 1 additional friend, so you will get 7 brains for free. Otherwise you can rent them for zombucks or make zombies work in auto mode (they don't need brains, after cutting a stone/tree, zombies automatically go to another one). An auto mode for cooks